"Deserves a place amid the mountaineering classics.... Put it on top of [your] wish list." CLIMBING MAGAZINE, August 1, 2001

"For Snow in the Kingdom, which I have now eagerly read from start to finish, my one-word description is Masterwork. You have agreat deal to tell, and you tell it admirably; you build ... to the almost overwhelming adventure on [Everest's] Kangshung Face.... I'll treasure my inscribed copy."
DAVID ROBERTSON, son-in-law and biographer of George Mallory

"Dear Ed, You were told right. What I said about your Everest climb is my opinion and you can use my quote: 'The best ascent of Everest in terms and style of pure adventure!' I wish you all the best for your book." REINHOLD MESSNER, the first climber to solo Mount Everest

"Your spectacular book arrived last week, packaged more securely than Fort Knox! It's worth it! It really is an amazing piece of work, and the pictures and text flow together beautifully. The market has been flooded with Everest books of widely variable quality; yours is a refreshing entryat the head of the list." DR. CHARLES HOUSTON, Leader, 1938 and 1953 American K2 Expeditions, 1950 Everest Expedition; and author of Going High, and Going Higher

"Many, many thanks for the great book! (And a great weight, too!) I've never seen so many fine photos. Good show! Excellent writing, And of course a gripping story." STEVE ROPER, American rock climber; co-editor, ASCENT, and author of the first Yosemite Valley guidebook, and Camp IV